My iPhone 5s won’t turn on!

So your iPhone 5s won’t turn on? Doesn’t respond whichever buttons are pressed? Don’t panic! Following the steps in this guide will give you a few common problems & solutions that the iPhone 5s commonly encounters.

1. Dead Battery

As obvious as it sounds it’s always the easiest way to check if the iPhone 5s is functional is to check that the battery isn’t flat. Plug in the charger and leave it on for 10 minutes and try to turn it on again. If this fails to work try the next step.

Side note check the chargers fuse hasn’t blown as this is a common fault in iPhone chargers.


2. Your screen may be broken

The next thing to try is to plug your phone into your laptop/mac/pc and see if the device is recognized. If it is and it still appears to no turn on then you may just have broken your screen or a connection to the screen. This is a common problem in iPhone 5s and is fixable. Just check out our guide on new screens along the right!

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